The Professional Bondassage Training Teaches The Devastatingly Innovative Forms Of Sensual Domination, Full Body Massage, And Erotic Sensation Play That Will Dazzle And Delight Those You Touch!

The Professional Bondassage Training has been designed for Erotic Bodyworkers, Sexological Bodyworkers, Sensual Massage Artists, Sexual Healers, Sacred Intimates, Pro Dommes, Sensual and Sexual Professionals of all kinds, this training program will give you the skills and tools you need to create the outrageously unique Bondassage Experience for those you touch.

If you want to expand your skill set, create a new income stream, and reach new and eager recipients, this training can help take you to the next level. We provide comprehensive training tailored to your unique talents and skill sets, so you can take what you learn and apply it any way you need it.


Professional Training

$2497 (USD)

(or $420USD x 6 months)

Want to know if this professional training course is right for you?

Here is what you’ll receive in Bondassage Online Professional Training:

♠ 30 hours of video material instruction

♠ A 43-page manual

♠ Certificate

♠ Banners for your website and advertising

♠ Specially selected music to set the perfect atmosphere

♠ 3 months free advertising on the Bondassage website

♠ Access to our private resource library

♠ Private coaching with Jaeleen Bennis (creator of Bondassage)

♠ Global community support

“Bondassage allows my partners a “soft” entry into the world of BDSM. It has been an exciting journey for them & for myself!” Olivia

Learn to Access Your Inner Dominant

Trust us, there’s an inner dominant inside you that’s just dying to be set free. Together, we’ll bring those qualities to the surface during the training program. Not everyone is looking for a traditional Mistress or Domme, and during our training we’ll help you discover the essence that works best for you.

Create Safe and Comfortable Bondage

Our Professional training will help ensure that you will have a sexy, intense, and safe bondage experience. Because when it’s done right, it feels so good it hurts!

Learn New Skills to Delight Those You Touch

Touch is powerful, but when used correctly, you can take it to a whole different level. Learn the art of erotic sensation play to arouse and provide stimulation to a partner like nothing they’ve ever experienced. Drive them crazy with edge play and have them worshipping the ground you walk on.

Discover Tantalizing Erotic Massage Techniques

Learn Massage techniques to titillate erogenous zones, enhancing client excitement.  It isn’t always about the big O – often it’s about complete denial.  The art is knowing the ‘difference’.

Master Luxurious Body Percussion Techniques

Master body percussion techniques that work without leaving any tell-tale marks. These techniques are perfect for discretion while still giving your recipient a little something extra.


Question 1. How Do I Learn Bondassage Online?

We have a great combination of training sequences, videos and online support that enables you to learn the unique Bondassage experience easily and efficiently.

Question 2. How Long Does It Take to Learn Bondassage Online?

We designed the training to be handled in chunks.  We suggest that the training take place over 4 weeks.

Of course, you can complete our Online Training over 2 days just as if it were an in-person training.  But you need to have your models and equipment in place and the time to complete the whole process.

We strongly suggest that you give yourself 4 weeks to come up to speed.


Question 3. How Do I Know I Have The Bondassage Experience Handled?

This is the beauty of technology.  We use Skype to review your technical skills.

We do require that you make appointments with our online trainer and set up a laptop or ipad in your workroom where the trainer can review your skills.

Your training reviews are completed with ‘model’s, not clients.

So you will need to find someone willing to be your crash-test dummy.  We also need to have a variety of models with different genitalia (it is recommended that you have at least 1 man & 1 woman).

We like you to have different people as models during the training sessions, because we all like different things.  Some people like scratchy feelings and some people like smooth sensations.  By having a variety of models, you also get to practice on bodies with different shapes and sizes.

If you have gathered all the tools and equipment you need, the training can be completed in as little as 4 weeks. However, if you want to take your time and enjoy the ride, you have lifetime access to the materials.

Now that you know what you’ll be getting from us, here is what you will need:

♠ Gather your tools and equipment

♠ Have good internet access for video lessons (you can watch these lessons while waiting for clients to ring on your smartphone)

♠ Have some willing and eager practice bodies you can play with

♠ Be able to set up an iPad or cell phone in your workroom- so that the trainer can guide you in person on occasion


Don’t miss out on this opportunity! Building your skill set and attracting new recipients is just a training program away!


“The Bondassage training with Jaeleen was exemplary, and well worth the investment. As a novice, I was a bit nervous, however Jaeleen and her demo models created a comfortable and supportive environment. Since completing my training, I’ve spiced up my Sensual massage sessions with several elements of Bondassage, which has added more variety (at a much higher rate) to my practice.”


Bondassage Practitioner

“Learning the Arts of Bondassage and Elysium have opened up a whole new aspect of my sensual side, teaching me the importance of the connections we can make without using words.”

Bondassage Practitioner

“I loved the Bondassage training! Jaeleen is a master instructor who effortlessly led me through her whole sequence to the point that I felt such comfort and joy offering this service by the time we were done with the training I felt like I had been doing this work my whole life. I recommend adding Bondassage to your skill set as a masseuse, Domme, or Sex Coach because it will advance your knowledge of what’s possible in the realm of sensation play tenfold. Thanks again Jaeleen for this remarkable offering!”

Bondassage Practitioner

“I love being dominant, and the way Bondassage gives me control creates a thrilling, wild ride for my clients … and for me! Before completing the Bondassage certification, I thought about developing my own kinky massage practice (since I was already experienced in both dominance and massage), but I decided it would be worth it to learn from Jaeleen’s years of experimentation. It turned out to be the right choice as I was able to move forward faster, without much trial and error. I recouped my investment within the first month of offering Bondassage. Bondassage certification gave me the opportunity to offer an entirely new experience to my existing Tantra and massage clients. And it has opened up a whole new prospective group of clients.”

Bondassage Practitioner

“I must say that not only is Bondassage a fun session to do but it’s incredibly popular! The training with Jaeleen was a lot of fun to me because Bondassage is a perfect mix of two of my favorite things: massage and kink … basic enough for newbies and edgy enough for seasoned players. Bondassage is only going to become more popular! And I love how new dimensions are being added all the time! I recommend becoming a practitioner, personalizing your sessions, and having a lot of fun with the great people you’ll meet!”

Bondassage Practitioner

“I wanted to share with you how much I loved my Bondassage training with you, I learned so much and had so much fun ~ You are truly the “Queen of kink”. I’ve incorporated Bondassage into my tantric practice and my clientele and income has nearly tripled. And to my surprise, many of my returning tantric clients were so intrigued with Bondassage they had to give it a try ~ They love it! And I love giving it to them.”

Bondassage Practitioner

“Since my recent training in Bondassage, I have doubled my bookings. Most of my Bondassage appointments are returning clients … They seem to be thinking “Hey, she has new skills. I want to give it a whirl.” If I had not gotten trained, I would have missed out on seeing them again. For this reason, getting trained in Bondassage is a no-brainer. Bondassage sets forth structure. In the past, I had trouble planning out Domination sessions. I was trying to offer too much variety and wanting input from clients, making pre-discussion necessary. A general rule in Professional BDSM with a first-time client is that the more you discuss the session, the less likely he will show up for the appointment. Now, with Bondassage, minimal, if any, discussion is necessary. You can clarify a few things once your client has arrived. Then, the fun begins. Jaeleen has a hands-on approach to training. You will learn by doing. By the time you are finished with the training, you will feel ready and confident to do a Bondassage session on your own. You’re also part of an amazing community of generous pleasure artists who love sharing knowledge with each other. The support (through monthly newsletters, a private Facebook group, google group, regular advanced trainings and get-togethers) is incredible. How many training programs can do that?”

Rachel Sonoma
Bondassage Practitioner



“Expand your skillset, dazzle your clients, and increase your income with Bondassage Practitioner Certification.”

If you would like to be trained in-person, you can complete your application on, please click here.