101 Ideas to Make Your Slave Feel Owned

A note from ASI: Master/slave dynamics are different than many other relationships within BDSM. Some of these activities may seem extreme but should only be completed between consenting partners. Informed consent (consent with knowledge of the activities and risks involved, also known as RACK) should always be given freely, without coercion or manipulation. If you feel you are engaging in activities that you are not comfortable with, please check our abuse resources for organizations that can help.) Before reading please be sure to check out our safety disclaimer. Thank you.

One of the main factors, for me in feeling truly Owned is to be constantly reminded throughout the day of Master’s control. These reminders can be subtle or really obtrusive. The more often a slave is reminded of their submission, the deeper it becomes….and the more fulfilling. So here are some ideas you might want to try. And no matter what rules you decide to make on your own, please be consistent. If you’re unwilling to take the time to enforce the rules you make, then there may as well be no rules at all. There is nothing in the world that will make a slave feel less loved than to have a Master/Mistress who ignores their transgressions and does not exert their Dominance.

1. Have them wear slave bells. The constant soft jingling of the bells is soothing and a certain reminder of their submission.

2. When they have broken a rule, talk to them as you punish….and make them speak in detail about why what they did was wrong.

3. Make them take their shoes off every day as soon as they enters your house.

4. A beautiful, special collar will make any slave joyous. Take the time to select the right one and have them wear it as often as possible.

5. Have them call you each day at a specified time, no excuses.

6. Give them anklets and tell them they must wear one of them every day, no excuses.

7. Whenever possible (i.e. no curious young-uns about), have them kneel before you and ask to accompany you upon the furniture.

8. Choose their hairstyle and go with them to get it cut to your specifications.

9. Whenever possible (i.e. no curious young-uns about), have them display themselves whenever you come into the room…..legs spread, shirt unbuttoned. No matter what position you take, they are to be sure your view is unobstructed.

10. When around the kids or vanilla friends/family, make sure they has an alternative title for you besides Master…..such as “my Love” etc.

11. Use them sexually in a rough, selfish way when you feel like it, interrupting whatever they was doing.

12. Choose a food that they dislike and have them eat a small portion every day for a week.

13. Have them crawl to bed each night.

14. Bring them a stuffed animal each time you go out of town. ~grin~

15. Choose their clothing each day.

16. Have them get your daily wardrobe ready for you the night before; laid out, ironed etc.

17. After punishment, have them kiss your boots and thank you for loving them enough to correct them.

18. Have them bring a warm towel to wash and massage your feet each day after work.

19. Get them tattooed (your choice of art and location).

20. Get them pierced (or preferably if you are trained, do it yourself).

21. Get them branded.

22. Respect, but push their limits.

23. Ask them each night what they did that day that you would not have approved of. *grin* This gets them in the habit of being completely honest and also makes them conscious of the things they could do better each day.

24. Teach them exactly how you want them to kneel and demand perfection.

25. Reward them by allowing them to please you sexually.

26. Supervise them workout routine.

27. Each night they are to kneel next to the bed asking permission to sleep with their Master, and each night they do, they are to kneel by the bed in the morning and thank their Master for the privilege.

28. Have them polish your boots weekly, on their knees at your feet.

29. Negotiate until you are both comfortable with the terms and then sign a contract.

30. Give them a writing assignment: “The definition of Pain – 1000 words”

31. Have them keep a diary of their journey into submission.

32. Instruct them that they may never get themselves something to eat or drink in your presence without first asking you if you want something.

33. Some evenings, keep them on a leash and take them with you no matter what you do, even if you do not speak to them or include them in your activities.

34. When appropriate, they are to speak when spoken to.

35. Reward them by giving them delicious pleasure.

36. On occasion, share them.

37. When it suits you, instruct them not to make eye contact with you without your command.

38. Have them keep their body clean shaven at all times.

39. Conduct random inspections of their body to make sure they keep themselves to your specifications.

40. Make them wear a butt-plug under their clothes whenever they go out alone.

41. For transgressions: have them write your name on the bottom of their foot and tell them to remember they are walking on you with each step. (This is harder to do that you might think….)

42. Master the art of the meaningful piercing stare…..

43. Give them reading assignments.

44. Test them on the reading assignments, to make sure they learned the appropriate lessons from each.

45. Instruct them to keep their toenails painted perfectly everyday and check to see that they are before bed

46. Make it their responsibility to put the toys away after play and punishment and to keep them clean and neat.

47. Reward them by letting them name their favorite scene, toys, etc.

48. Call them your slut, your pet, etc.

49. Have them make a list of the 10 things that make them the most self-conscious, uncomfortable or embarrassed.

50. Work with them, having them do the things on the list (if possible), so that they conquer those fears and hesitations.

51. Pamper them. Wash their body and hair, having them remain perfectly still as you turn them and move them about.

52. Hand feed them like a small child on occasion.

53. Have them eat from a dog bowl on occasion.

54. For transgressions: make them wear a sign to the next public function naming their crime. (ouch)

55. Praise their dedication when they have pleased you well.

56. Instruct them that they are never to touch your body without permission.

57. Have them write a meditation about their submission, devotion and trust in you….to be said aloud each night before falling asleep.

58. Some days allow them no clothing whatsoever (when practical).

59. For transgressions: deny them play.

60. For transgressions: deny them orgasm.

61. For transgressions: Command that they are to be silent for a week. They may not speak and will take whatever pain or pleasure you give as silently as possible.

62. Treat them like a pet in front of friends, making them present themselves, turn themselves, etc.

63. Give them a writing assignment: “The definition of Obedience – 1000 words”

64. Have them wear a toe ring.

65. Tell them one morning that they must cum for you 15 times that day and then write about the day.

66. Have them wear nipple clamps under their clothing out to dinner.

67. On your birthday, let them receive your spankings.

68. Spend time training them how to move gracefully to please you.

69. For transgressions: stand them in the corner like a 3 year old.

70. Always flog them after completion of a task, even if it was satisfactory. A well flogged slave is a happy slave.

71. Speak about them as if they were not present.

72. For transgressions: deny them any D/s at all for a week; letting them do just as they please, not allowing them to serve you in any way, no punishment, no instruction, no play, banning titles of respect, etc. This will shame them and certainly make them strive to please you when it is over and they are in their place again.

73. Defend their honor to those who would disrespect your prized possession.

74. Pet them often.

75. Have them be a camgirl/boy for a night.

76. Whenever possible (i.e. no young-uns about), have them sleep in a cage.

77. Buy them sexy or slutty clothes to your liking.

78. Teach them things, expand their knowledge in a patient parental way.

79. When you are away, call them and have them masturbate for you.

80. If you choose to play with others, make sure your slave knows who is first in your heart and that some things are just for them.

81. Remember their birthday.

82. Lead them with a loving fist in their hair.

83. Wake them each morning with an assigned task for the day and make sure it is done by day’s end.

84. Teach them patience.

85. Videotape your sessions and watch them together.

86. On long trips, have them wear double dildo latex underwear.

87. Hand feed them chocolate.

88. Have them place their regular wear shoes in a line by the front door. They should be in a straight line with the laces tucked inside, or the buckles buckled. Inspect them periodically.

89. Keep a list of their transgressions in a little book. Let them slip for a while, thinking you are not noticing, then one day bring out the book and have a day of atonement.

90. Tickle them just because you can.

91. Have them be perfectly still and quiet while you bring them extreme pleasure. When they move or make a sound punish them then return to the pleasure.

92. Keep them locked in their collar when you are home. You place it on them, having them kneel. Wear the key to the lock around your neck.

93. When possible, have them cook and serve your dinner wearing nothing but an apron and collar.

94. Buy them a Polaroid camera and give them assignments to take pictures of themselves for you in certain outfits or positions, etc.

95. Remember to kiss and caress away their tears.

96. Don’t be afraid to bring them to tears, for they are yours as well.

97. Take them and the dog to the park, both on leashes.

98. Caress them, whisper into their ear that you love them, nibble on their belly, lick their thighs and make love to them until they cry.

99. Have them fall asleep with your cock in their mouth and tell them you expect it to be there when you awake.

100. Occasionally, fulfill their fantasy.

101. Master’s word is the last word.


102. Make sure that they are safe at all times. When with you and when you are apart (to the best of your ability). Keep their vehicle in good working order, make sure they have emergency money and a cell phone to call for help if needed.

103. Be consistent.

104. Take the time to talk to them. Learn their fears, their dreams and fantasies. Use your knowledge.

105. When you go out of town, forbid them to shave their genitalia. Shave them yourself when you return.

106. Specify exactly how they will address you in private and in public.

107. If you are willing to correct them each time they forget until it is a habit, have them refer to themselves as “this slave” or “this boy/girl/pet” etc.