Genital Reflexology

Over thousands of years of sexual exploration, the Chinese discovered which positions stimulate specific genital areas, thus affecting certain health conditions, problems, and illnesses.

Your whole body becomes revitalized when all the surfaces of your genitals are stimulated. A network of reflex points that correspond to all areas of the body are located on the penis and vagina, as on the feet and hands. Accordingly, excessively rubbing a specific area of your penis or vagina can overstimulate a corresponding organ, eventually resulting in various health problems. Genital areas corresponding to organs that do not get an adequate amount of stimulation may become energetically deficient and cause a dysfunction.
Chinese sexology instructor, Dr. Stephen S. Chang, once told me about a case study that explains how valuable genital reflexology can be for sexually active couples. A married couple came to one of his associates’ offices seeking help. The husband had suffered dramatic heart palpitations and thought he had experienced a heart attack. Several medical examinations and tests turned out to be negative, showing that nothing was wrong with his cardiovascular system. Dr. Chang’s associate inquired of the couple what they had been doing prior to the heart palpitations. They recalled that they were making love before the incident occurred. When asked to give specific details, the wife explained that she had been stimulating her husband with her mouth. When the sex counselor asked her how, she shyly described that she had used her tongue on the head of his penis, licking it like an ice cream cone. The sex counselor explained that the head of the penis corresponds with the heart. By sucking and licking the tip of his penis, she had overstimulated his heart.

When you touch or suck your partner’s penis or vagina, you should give an equal amount of attention to the whole surface of the genital organ. Overstimulating one area can lead to problems. For instance, when a woman masturbates, the primary stimulation may be the clitoris, which corresponds to the kidneys and bladder. Excessive stimulation around the clitoris can tax the kidneys and possibly cause a bladder infection, water retention, or weight problems.

The reflexology zones in the vagina are mapped out the same as the penis, except in reverse order. Thus, when the penis fits snugly into the vagina, these reflex zones match, creating a powerful connection between both bodies. During intercourse, all of a man’s and woman’s genital reflex zones are in contact, creating one of the most pleasurable ways to heal all parts of the body.

Whether you stimulate your partner with your hand, mouth, or genitals, become aware of what parts of the sex organs are being most activated. Show each other new ways to stimulate the parts of the genitals that often get neglected. Explore new ways to touch the areas that often don’t get attention. An awareness of genital reflexology encourages you to stimulate all parts of your sex organs for enhancing health, sexual fulfillment, and pleasure.

As you expand your awareness of the areas being stimulated and discover new positions that broaden your genital contact, all parts of your bodies benefit. As you experiment, you will find slight variations, such as bending your knees or placing a pillow underneath your hips, naturally changes the focus of your contact. Cultivating a variety of sexual positions can generate tremendous erotic energy for heightening your pleasures and vibrant health.

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