Individuals & Couples Coaching in Sensual Kink


Find out how to get skilled with your hands and explore light bondage,

sensory deprivation, and sensation play for the ultimate thrill

with your own personal tutor!

Individuals & Couples Coaching – Private Tuition

This is for people who are keen on learning how to incorporate sensual kink into their intimate life to expand their knowledge and skill set.

We use Skype to gain access to your playspace. Or you come to Byron Bay and immerse yourself for a couple of days and also have a great holiday here.

Our trainers have extensive experience with coaching/training and work with single men, women or couples (people of any sexual orientation – straight, gay, or bi, including cd’s, trans or other).

We support anyone who desires to live a life of full sexual expression.

The benefits of this type of specialised Sensual Kink, BDSM & Sexuality coaching will empower you in your sexuality and other areas of your life. You will become more assertive, confident, charismatic and more fulfilled.

Here is just some of the things you can learn from our Private Tuition:

* Learn the ins and outs of Dom/Sub Type Relationships – how to ethically foster this dynamic (both inside and outside of the bedroom).
* Learn the technical side of BDSM – sensual play, authoritarian, warming up, bondage/restraint, flogging, caning, paddling, spanking etc and the different items that are used in BDSM Play.
* How to uncover the BDSM ‘Scene’, events and meet like-minded people for play and/or relationships – both online and in real life.
* How to negotiate consensual play and the use of safe words.
* Learn how to give adequate aftercare.
* Learn the art of punishment and the ins and outs of how, when and why punishment is needed – from a brat to a sub/slave.
* Learn proper voice commands, dominant word choice and how to direct experiences through verbal communication.
* Learn the intricacies of ‘sub-space’ (the psychology of submission).
* Learn how to explore different role play scenarios and different BDSM related relationship dynamics (Dom/sub, daddy/little girl, Master/slave etc)
* Learn the Art of Arousal – from denying orgasm to forcing waves of orgasmic pleasure.
* Learn how to give women many different types of orgasms (even squirting!).
* Discover forms of service for submissives.
* Learn about critical safety practices.
* Secrets to setting up memorable scenes.
* Learn how to ethically push boundaries.
* Learn how to engage all the senses and create experiences most dream of.
* Learn the art of dominance (anyone can be domineering.. but can you be authentically dominant?)
* Explore and learn how vulnerability, authenticity, and consciously relating add depth and substance to your relationships.
* Learn the ancient practice of tantra, conscious touch and breathe and how to fuse that into your BDSM play.
* Get help in putting together toy kits – from custom floggers and impact toys – save yourself a fortune in toys that don’t do the job.
* Tantra/Conscious Relating and how to incorporate that into your kinky or non-kinky life.

…and MUCH more!

Our Learn Bondassage Trainer has extensive experience in working specifically in the areas of:

* Relationships (How to structure healthy relationships, long-term attraction & sexuality etc)

* Reducing stress

* Increasing your sense of well-being

* Better and healthier relationships/friendships

* Working through questions about your sexual identity

* Feeling like something is missing from your life


2 hour hour duration – $350USD

1hr duration x 10 lessons – $2497.00USD (this includes full access to the Art of Bondassage & The Art of Bondassage)

Or the convenience of $840USD per month over 3 months

Lessons are tailored to YOUR requirements.


What you get TODAY:

Over the next 10 sessions, you’ll TURN UP THE HEAT in your BEDROOM – and discover the key elements that create an outstanding SENSUAL experience for both of YOU..

  • You’ll get lessons delivered by video and worksheet in your secure member’s area.
  • The TEN 1.5 hour private coaching sessions, that are personally designed to RAPIDLY TRANSFORM your sex life.
  • Get immediate access and have any questions answered in the private The Art of Bondassage Facebook group.