Find out how to get skilled with your hands and explore light bondage, sensory deprivation, and sensation play for the ultimate thrill!

The Art of Bondassage® was developed by the Creator of Bondassage and select Certified Trainers who are experienced and knowledgeable about not only how to increase pleasure and connection with your partner, but also safety precautions. Learn massage and Bondassage in a way that opens new realms and doors to intimacy while still making sure neither you or your partner gets injured in the process.

An exploration of the senses for both of you through education and guidance in light bondage, sensory deprivation, erotic massage, sensation play, dominance, and surrender.

The video library has tons of options to choose from, and the easy-to-follow educational videos are sure to get you and your partner excited.

This course is for couples and individuals who are ready to explore the Art of Bondassage at a deeper level.

This course features 100 advanced course videos with a video library that has tons of options to choose from!

Learn from easy-to-follow educational videos that are sure to get you and your partner excited which is perfect whether you want to just sit back and watch or follow along.

t’s easier to actually see certain methods and practices put in place rather than just read directions about them. Whether you want to just sit back and observe or you and your partner want to follow along, the choice is yours.

Still not sure if this is the course for you? Here is everything you’ll receive in the Art of Bondassage:


If your relationship needs that extra zing and want to explore deeper waters, the Art of Bondassage is for you!

This isn’t the typical “Fifty Shades of Grey” stuff either.

It might seem daunting going to the next level especially with all the questions you might have…

What to try next? How to begin? What are the essential things you should do?

It’s time to focus on what really matters and learn the more in-depth ways that will allow you to experience more pleasure.

And with the Art of Bondassage course, you’re going to get where you need to be much faster.

Whether you want to be more intimate, add a heightened thrill to your lovemaking or to get skilled in giving and receiving pleasure, you still need to learn how to achieve those things, right?

Because there’s a world of erotic opportunities out there that you need to be a part of in order to take your relationship to the next level.

But it’s not about trying the first thing you read on a random online article about BDSM. You need to have guidance and you need to be strategic about it.

Buying the course gives you instant access to the following:

  • Sensual Scene Set-up: How to set a sensual scene that’s guaranteed to put you and your partner in the mood no matter where or when you do it.
  • Expert and Safe Guidance Whether You’re a sub or Dom/me: Receive the right guidance on how to sexually surrender and give your power over to your lover. If you’re a Dominant, you’ll get instructions on how to be a loving, competent dominant.
  • Sexy Background Music: Access the EXACT music used in professional Bondassage sessions for the ultimate auditory experience to back-up your nights of indulgence.
  • Tools and Toys to Maximize Your Pleasure: Get the links to purchase the same tools and toys that are proven to maximize how you experience pleasure.
  • Proven Techniques to Elicit Pleasurable Sensations: Learn the proven techniques pros use to create comfortable bondage and powerful sensory deprivation for the ultimate physical enjoyment.
  • Intimate Massage Techniques: Become proficient in intimate massage techniques through instructional videos to help you strongly give your partner incredible pleasure.
  • Imaginative and Skillful Sensation Play Techniques: How to exactly use a gorgeous fur flogger for maximum pleasure.
  • Sample Sequences You Can Do: Get to explore your sensual desires with sample sequences you can follow and do in your bedroom.
  • Skill Boost: Learn from the explorations at the end of each chapter so you can dive deeper into the material, improve your lovemaking skills, and gain confidence in the process.
  • 100 advanced course videos. Follow the course materials easily even without reading any text!
  • Certified and professional trainers. Learn from the best qualified trainers out there who can properly instruct you on correct and safe practices.
  • Acquire new techniques. Get more skilled when it comes to deepening your passion with your partner!
  • Heighten your loving connection with your partner. Get to learn a healthy sense of adventure, excitement, and fun so you can take your relationship to new heights.
  • Explore uncharted waters. Discover a whole world of delightful new sensations that will leave you sexually fulfilled and satisfied!
  • Learn how to use the right toys. Take your fun and naughty adventures up a notch in your playtime by knowing what toys to use.
  • The best techniques to increasing your pleasure. Aside from toys, learn what the best techniques are when it comes to heightening your sexual sensations.
  • Learn how to unwind. Get rid of your inhibitions and learn the ability to let loose and play!
The Art of Bondassage

$97 USD

One Time Payment

The Art of Bondassage ~ An exploration of the senses for both of you through education and guidance in light bondage, sensory deprivation, erotic massage, sensation play, dominance, and surrender.


Note: Purchase of The Art of Bondassage Course does not grant Certification nor does it give you permission to use the term Bondassage®.